The invitation read “Time flies” and so did Apple’s online-only product launch event.

Clocking in at an hour, give or take, Apple executives sped through the fine details of the latest Apple Watch, iPad, iPad Air and a host of new services.

Frankly, it was refreshing compared to the often-over-the-top in-person events Apple is famous for. Those have to slow down for people to exit and enter the stage, not to mention giving pause to make room for audience reactions.

Tuesday’s virtual format was, of course, due to the ongoing pandemic, which has forced big tech events to be online only or outright canceled. We’ll likely go back to the big shows after the coronavirus is contained, whenever that is. But hopefully this experience shows Apple, Samsung, Google and the like that you can produce a flashy, seamless event that delivers all the same details without needing the expense and time suck of a live event.

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