MEDWAY, Maine (WABI) – What I’m working on right now is just trying to see the form of the land here.”

Marsha Donahue is an artist and owner of North Light Gallery in Millinocket.

She and six other artists gathered together at the scenic overlook of Mount Katahdin off the interstate in Medway.

“Many of these artists show at other galleries as well. What draws us together of course here is the mountain. There’s something just really magnetic about that solitary shape.”

This is the first time the group has been able to meet since the pandemic began.

“Everybody has really been sequestered away in their studios. Almost everybody here has painted all through this. We’ve all been just itching to get outside and see each other.”

Being outside allows for easy physical distancing and can help the art as well. Alison Dibble drove all the way from the coastal town of Brooklin to paint the mountain.

“There’s something about painting outside. A bird flies over, the wind comes up, and you tend to put more life into the painting.”

Donahue says while the pandemic hasn’t directly influenced her work, the chosen color palette can reveal an artist’s mood.

“Today I’m using only three colors and white.” said Dibble. “Those are cobalt blue, alizarin crimson and indian yellow.”

“We just all really get along and enjoy each others company as well.” said Donahue.

You can find the work of these artists at North Light Gallery in Millinocket, which is opening back up June 1st by appointment.

Visit for more information.

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