Need a desk for a students at home? This may be your solution.

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — It’s been more than a decade since students were taught inside the former St. Aloysius School on Barney Street in South Wilkes-Barre.

“They’ve educated so many people of this area, over the years, it’s over 100 years old. And in 2009, unfortunately, but through consolidation and mergers of schools,” explained Fr. Richard Cirba of St. Robert Bellarmine Parish. “It just, unfortunately, ended up where the school would close.”

But with so many students learning at home and all these desks sitting unused, it gave Fr. Cirba an idea.

“Because schools are going virtual and hybrid and so forth, I thought we have these classrooms full of desks upstairs that we don’t use,” added Fr. Cirba. “Parents are trying to make use of their homes to become a school, and some were asking oh we wish we had a desk, and I thought, well, if you want a desk, why not take them from here? Make a donation and take them because they’re only sitting here anyway.”

When you come to the former St. Aloysius School in South Wilkes Barre for a desk, you’re also going to get a chair of the proper size to go with it.

“We’re all in this predicament together and trying to make the best as we can out of what we have and what we could do to make things easier for people. Especially parents, because it’s difficult for parents right now when they have to, you know, create a school out of their home,” said Fr. Cirba.

If you are interested in a desk and chair, you can contact the parish office at 570-823-3791 ext. 2.

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