President Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania has significantly gone down in the last 48 hours, with him leading by about 115,000 votes. At one point Trump led by more than 600,000 votes.

What’s being counted now are mail-in ballots, which are disproportionately coming in for Joe Biden, King explained. The momentum is currently working in favor for Biden.

The President cannot win reelection without the state’s 20 electoral votes. “The math doesn’t work,” CNN’s John King said.

In large population centers in the state like in Montgomery County, Biden is outperforming Trump with mail-in ballot counts and we’re still waiting for results to come in from Philadelphia, which has 12% of the state’s population.

“This is the biggest population center, the biggest basket, if you will, of available votes,” King said. “They’re still only reporting 83% of votes,” he said.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton won 584,000 votes in Philadelphia County. Currently Biden is just 100,000 votes shy of that with votes still to be counted.

“The expectation is that turnout will be up, so it is not unreasonable to think Joe Biden’s going to get really close or maybe even higher than that Hillary Clinton total, which is a game-changing event,” King said.

King added that the votes are there for Biden.

“Joe Biden is on the trajectory, if he keeps getting those mail-in ballots, the percentages he’s been getting over the last 24 hours, the math is certainly within possibility,” he said.


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