JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – COVID-19 has impacted families across the United States. But for one family in Mississippi, the pandemic slowed down their adoption process.

“Me and my wife we were talking about, what is something we could do? And so, I’m not a runner, but I was like well I can at least try,” said Lane Beasley.

Beasley and his wife, Laura, started the process for their second adoption last fall. But when COVID-19 hit Mississippi, it put their fundraising process on hold.

“So, we got to the part where the paper work was done, and it’s time to fund raise. It’s an expensive process. It’s a lot of layers to it,” explained Lane.

“We’re kinda in a place where we can’t get big groups of people together. Resources may be a challenge for some folks. We know that the pandemic has effected different people differently.”

So, the Beasleys got creative. They came up with 100 Miles in May. Lane plans to lace up his running shoes and run to raise the money. The family is asking for people to pledge $1.00 a mile for up to 100 miles. They’re hoping to reach their goal of $10,000.

“Having gone through the adoption process before, we kind of know what to anticipate coming into it, but we also had the joy of seeing our son on the other side. And so, it’s kind of fantastic to go through and know what’s on the other side this go round.”

“We just know that the Lord is at work, so we want to do everything on our end to be proactive and available. So when the right time comes, we’ve done the right work on the front end.”

Lane said his son, Issac, is ready to be a big brother, but the unsung hero is his wife.

“I could not do this without the love and support of my wife. She is the one holding down the fort, freeing me up to do this. So every mile I’m running, she’s at the house with a three-year-old, energetic, excited, little boy.”

So far, Lane has 40 sponsors. He is looking for 60 more to reach their goal. If you want to follow Lane’s journey, you can find him on social media using the hash tag: #100MilesinMay. The Beasleys also have more information on their website.

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