The Davenport Fire Department on Wednesday recognized two citizens and 10 Davenport police officers for providing life-saving assistance during a July 3 house fire at 500 E. Locust St.

Local roofing contractors Anthony Buckley and Anthony English pulled ladders off their truck and assisted Davenport police in rescuing three older teenage girls, their 18- or 19-year-old brother and a family dog from a second story window as fire department personnel arrived on the scene.

Davenport Police officers recognized during Wednesday ceremony include Sgt. Jason Willey, Sgt. Chris Mahieu, Officer Jennifer Brewer, Officer Curtiss Carter, Officer Mark Dinneweth, Officer Vince Jacobsen, Officer Roberto Luna, Officer James Meier and Officer Dwight Swartz.

Officer Jarrad Cockshoot received a special commendation, for “placing himself in harm’s way to serve the community — and rescue people from a dangerous situation.”

Once deployed, Cockshoot “immediately climbed up the ladder — without hesitation and without due regard for his own safety,” and helped the three girls exit the burning home through the window and climb down the ladder, said Davenport Fire Chief Mike Carlsten.

Cockshoot then climbed back up the ladder to attempt to retrieve the family dog, but was unable to do so due to the dog’s size and large amount of thick, black smoke, Carlsten said. Arriving firefighters dressed in proper protective gear were subsequently able to rescue the dog. Firefighters were not able to save a second family dog.

Meanwhile, English deployed a second ladder on the west side of the home to help the girls’ brother climb out a separate second-story window, Carlsten said.

No one else was inside the home at the time. All four young adults were treated on scene by emergency medical personnel, and none were taken to a hospital, Carlsten said.

“The efforts of all of these police officers and members of our community prevented a potential tragedy,” he said. ‘These individuals we are recognizing this evening put the need of others first. They worked as a coordinated teams to overcome some unique and unprecedented challenges. And some of their actions were heroic.”

City officials played a video recorded message from two of the girls rescued from the house, who are now attending the University of Iowa.

“We wanted to thank you for your bravery and for being there to make sure we got out of there safely,” one of the girls said. “Today, we are both healthy and just beginning our college careers.”

“Both of our families and extremely grateful and so relieved,” the other girl said. “Congratulations on your achievement. And, we both agree that it is very well-deserved.”

Both English and Buckley downplayed their roles, and said it’s simply in their nature to help when they see someone in need.

“I was driving by, seeing … black smoke coming out of the dryer vent … and then I see a kid stick his head out the window, and pulled my ladder out,” English said. “We just did what we thought was necessary. … To me, it’s a normal thing to help somebody out. First and foremost … I’m just glad they’re safe.”

“It’s nice to be recognized, but I would think anybody would do the same thing,” Buckley said.

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