Gerald Carr was an astronaut who was the commander of Skylab 4 in 1973, the final Skylab mission. 

Skylab 4 

Carr was the commander of an all-rookie crew on Skylab 4 which would be the final Skylab mission. Carr, along with William Pogue and Dr. Edward Gibson, were aboard Skylab from November 16, 1973 until February 8, 1974. The mission was designed to test the effects of long duration spaceflight on the human body. After Skylab, Carr worked on cockpit shuttle design for the space shuttle program.

Carr on long duration spaceflight

“We began to realize the importance of the relativity of the human to the piece of machinery you’re working with and what the weightless environment does to your skeleton and affects the way you do your work,” – 


What they said about him

Full Obituary:

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