SHELBYVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Election season can bring on tension between people with different political views.

Some families in Shelbyville are now fearful after receiving threatening cards from the KKK over political signs in their yards.

News4s spoke with a woman who’s friend was targeted.

“We noticed that there was litter in the yard. I started to pick up the litter and noticed these business cards,” said Breana Green.

The “litter” Green is referring was 20 business cards from KKK in her friend’s front yard.

”It’s scary knowing that just supporting a presidential candidate can incite this kind of vandalism.“

Green said it was response to the Biden Harris yard sign. She said the election season has raised tensions with hate groups.

“There was also tire marks in the yard which indicated the sign had been ran over,” said Green.

The vandalism was done in the early morning hours on Sunday.

News4 spoke with another woman who said her friend also experienced something similar when their Biden Harris sign was stolen and the same business card was left.

“There is some anxiety that people could be targeted in my family. Just people in the community could be targeted as well. I just don’t think this should be something that we’re dealing with in 2020,” said Green.

News4 reached to police who sent us this statement:

“The Shelbyville Police Department has been made aware of a limited number of incidents involving theft and/or damage to campaign signs. This is true for both Trump and Biden yard signs. We have also been made aware of local residents receiving literature from individuals purporting to be from the knights of Ku Klux Klan. Similar literature has been found in driveways and yards for a number of years.”

The police department said they have not had anyone file a report about these incidents yet.

They do encourage anyone who has been the victim of theft, vandalism, or intimidation to reach out to them.

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