Just quit it, Madam Speaker: This “I was framed” stuff isn’t flying. You, Nancy Pelosi, have been insistent that everyone needs to comply with pandemic restrictions, which makes your salon visit the rankest of hypocrisy.

Businesses across America are at, or over, death’s edge because of the politicians’ rules. The least that you and other leaders can do is comply.

San Francisco salons weren’t even allowed to offer outdoor service until Tuesday. How is anyone supposed to believe you really thought there was some exception that kosherized your indoor visit on Monday?

The city also requires masks whenever social distancing is impossible, which clearly covers your unmasked stroll through the salon premises after your wash.

Yes, your stylist now backs up your story: She wants to keep working in lefty ’Frisco, after all. (The salon owner, who released the damning security tape, expects she’ll have to leave town after all the threats on her life and business.)

Lots of people will understand: After months of lockdown, you wanted to get out for a minor indulgence. Lots of people are cheating, and you didn’t think anyone else would ever know.

But you got caught, and with no real excuse. And rather than offer an apology to the public, you’re demanding one. It doesn’t get more imperious.

Stop trying to play the victim: Admit you did wrong, and then help the rest of us go back to having salon services and indoor dining and in-person school, legally.

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