BRISTOL, CT (WFSB) — The company that made the tablet that caught fire inside a car in Bristol earlier this month says the device didn’t spark the blaze.

About two weeks ago, the Bristol Superintendent of Schools Catherine Carbone said they were looking into an incident where a Lenovo tablet ignited.

It was believed that the tablet battery had caused a small fire inside a parent’s vehicle. The tablet had been placed inside a carrying case, inside a backpack.

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A week later, the company Lenovo said its safety team investigated, and determined that the tablet was not the source or cause of the reported fire.

In its report, Lenovo said “the interior of the tablet does not show damage to its battery or interior components that would be consistent with the tablet having overheated and started a fire.”

The company goes on to said that the inside of the tablet is “relatively pristine, and free of melting, soot or other debris that would be evident if there had been a battery thermal event.”

Right now, it is unclear what caused the fire.

“Lenovo stands by the safety of our Model 10E tablets. Over 75,000 Model 10E tablets have been sold and are in use across the United States. None have been reported as having started or caused a fire or thermal event. Our customers’ safety is our highest priority. We appreciate the promptness and assistance of the Bristol Public Schools staff in working with us to resolve this issue,” the company said in a statement.

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