President Trump said Monday that he’d support an investigation into allegations leveled against Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. Mr. Trump said he would support DeJoy’s removal if it’s proven that he engaged in illegal behavior. 

The Washington Post reported Sunday that five people who worked for New Breed Logistics, where DeJoy was chairman and CEO for 31 years, said that they were “urged by DeJoy’s aides or by the chief executive himself to write checks and attend fundraisers” at his Greensboro mansion. The Post cited two employees who said that DeJoy would then have the employees’ bonuses raised “to help defray the cost of their contributions,” which would be illegal. Democrats are already calling for an investigation into the postmaster general, who is already under fire for revisions to the Postal Office.

The president said he doesn’t know much about the story, When asked if he’d support an investigation into the claims, he said, “sure,” adding that he thinks DeJoy is an honest man. If it’s proven that he did something illegal, the president said he would support his removal. 

“Yeah if something can be proven that he did something wrong, always,” the president said. “Always. They’ve been looking at me for four years, they found nothing. Four years, think of it. For four years. From the day I came down the escalator I’ve been under investigation by sleeves. And they found nothing. They found nothing. A friend of mine said you have to be the most innocent, honorable man to ever hold the office of president.”

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